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A graphic that reads "when it comes to sepsis, remember it's about time. Watch for T - temperature higher or lower than normal, I - infection may have signs and symptoms of an infection, M - mental decline confused, sleepy, difficult to rouse, E - extremely ill "I feel like I might die," severe pain or discomfort. Watch for a combination of these symptoms. If you suspect sepsis, let someone on the patient's medical team know.

Think Sepsis, Save Lives

Sepsis kills 270,000 Americans each year. Recognizing the signs of sepsis and urgently seeking treatment when symptoms are first noticed can save lives and reduce long-term disabilities. What is sepsis? …

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A man and woman standing in front of a lake smile at the camera. The text "best of health" is overlaid on the image.

Making Money Count

With a tumor wrapped around his spine, doctors thought 14-year-old Mark Flash would never walk again. Today, thanks to the great medical care he received as a teen, Mark does …

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