Weight Loss

Our Weight Loss and Lifestyle programs

Whether you need to lose ten pounds or 40+ pounds, need help committing to a healthier lifestyle or simply want to learn more about nutrition and fitness topics, we have the perfect program for you!

LiveHealthy Inspire Weight Loss

Losing weight is a significant challenge for many of us – fad diets and exercise programs often fail to help you lose enough weight or keep it off. LiveHealthy Inspire Weight Loss is a comprehensive weight-loss program for people looking to safely lose 40 pounds or more over a 6-month period of time. This program helps members lose weight, improve their health, reduce medications for conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, improve self-confidence and more. Open to the public. 

This program features:

  • Weekly classes led by health professionals help you gain the tools needed for lasting success

  • A structured meal plan including tasty and convenient meal replacements plus fruits and vegetables for safe and rapid weight loss

  • A supportive, small group environment.

Take the next step! Attend an information meeting, or contact us at weightloss@lakehealth.org or 440-701-7537 to learn more!

The 12-Week Fitness and Nutrition Program

Are you interested in losing 10-30 pounds? Have you been working out for months but not seeing any significant changes? Are you not sure where to start or are intimidated by the many pieces of fitness equipment available? This program is perfect for people who need extra support, motivation and guidance in reaching their healthy goals. Open to the public.

This engaging lifestyle management program features:

  • Structured eating plan - recipes, daily menu cards, weekly grocery lists

  • 24 training sessions - strength and flexibility training two times a week with a LiveHealthy fitness trainer

  • Weekly lectures - topics include grocery store tour, dining out, strength training, cardiovascular exercise, nutrition, portion sizes and more.

  • Cardiovascular exercise plan – personalized plan prescribed by your trainer. Workout 3-4 times per week using various pieces of cardio equipment

  • Fitness assessments - fitness assessments at the beginning, middle and end of the program (3 total)

  • Goal setting - set and achieve specific weight-loss and fitness goals.

Want to learn more? Attend a complimentary information meeting at the Brunner Sanden Deitrick Wellness Campus. Reserve your spot or learn more by contacting Dewayne Eason at Dewayne.Eason@lakehealth.org, or call 440-701-7515.

Nutrition Counseling

Lake Health Integrative Medicine’s one-on-one nutrition counseling provides flexible–yet realistic–therapeutic diet plans. You’ll meet with a registered dietitian to help create a healthy diet plan tailored to fit your specific nutrition or weight-loss needs. Through nutrition counseling, registered dietitians can help you manage conditions such as high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, high cholesterol, food allergies or intolerances and more. Some insurance companies cover visits to a dietitian; nutrition counseling requires a physician referral. To learn more about nutrition counseling or to schedule an appointment, call 440-701-7534. Open to the public.

For more information about any of these programs or help choosing which is right for you, contact weightloss@lakehealth.org or call 440-701-7516.