For Physicians

Lake Health IPHE

As a Lake PHO member, we are very pleased to invite you and your practice to participate in a new collaboration with Lake Health called the Lake Health Integrated Physician Hospital Enterprise (Lake Health IPHE). The primary function of Lake Health IPHE is to operate a Clinical Integration Program on behalf of Lake PHO - a physician-led, physician-driven effort that combines the latest in evidence-based best practices with innovative data collection technology in a way that drives improvement in clinical quality and aligns physicians' economic incentives.

We invite you to join us in this effort to provide better, more accountable, more efficient patient care. Together, our efforts in the Lake Health IPHE Clinical Integration Program will help us achieve true clinical excellence and provide us with the ability to collectively negotiate PPO and other fee-for-service contracts, based upon our quality outcomes, in a legal, effective, and forthright manner.

To enroll in the Lake IPHE Clinical Integration Program, please contact the PHO office at (440) 354-1468 to receive a Clinical Integration Program Participation Agreement for your review and signature.

Questions may be directed to E. Luke Bold, MD, Chairman of Lake Health IPHE Board of Managers at (440) 946-4555 or Rick Cicero, Senior Vice-President of Business Development and Executive Director of the Lake Health IPHE at or by calling (440) 354-1739.

Thank you for your continued support of quality patient care and Lake PHO, we look forward to working with you in the Clinical Integration Program.