Diabetes Care

Diabetes Education Services

Diabetes is serious. If poorly controlled, it can lead to blindness, heart disease, nerve damage, kidney failure, amputations and even death. Yet nearly a third of patients don’t know they have it. We’re committed to helping you manage your diabetes with expert treatment and education.

Maximize your options in diabetes control

Managing your life and diabetes can be challenging. The certified diabetes educators at Lake Health can help you control your diabetes with a wide range of support services, available to those age 16 years and older with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. A physician's referral is required.

Our self-management education is covered by most major insurance companies and Medicare. If you have coverage questions, call your insurance company or the Diabetes and Renal Care Center at 440-953-6272. Scholarships are available.

Diabetes Education Programs

Basics of Diabetes Self-management Education Program

  • Healthy eating
  • Being active
  • Monitoring
  • Taking medication
  • Problem solving
  • Reducing risks
  • Healthy coping

Matching Insulin to Carbohydrates Program

  • Improve use of insulin pump or multiple daily insulin injections
  • Obtain target blood sugars
  • Prevent frequent low blood sugar

Blood Glucose Monitoring Program

  • Hands-on training for choosing and using a blood glucose monitor

Individual and Small Group Sessions

  • Starting insulin
  • Problem solving
  • Tune-up
  • Insulin pump
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Special learning needs

Inpatient Diabetes Care

  • Monitoring glucose control for improved outcomes
  • Educating patients and families on basic survival skills
  • Providing up-to-date care and treatment

Learn more about Diabetes Education Services by calling 440-953-6272.

Renal Care

Chronic kidney disease is progressive and serious, but with proper care it can be managed and its progression slowed. Our dietitian can give you dietary guidelines. We offer small group and individual sessions. A physician referral is required.