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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Lake Health's Cardiac Rehabilitation is a two-phase program to help you recover from a cardiac event or procedure, then make lifestyle changes to help you lead a healthier life. Connect with us at 440-354-1856. 

Phase One

Phase One begins in the hospital during your recovery from a heart attack, angioplasty, congestive heart failure or surgery. During this time, our cardiac rehab team provides education, support and low-level daily exercise to help you become active again with confidence.

We will give you and your family information about your heart condition, how lifestyle and risk factors have affected your health, and how to change your lifestyle to reduce future risk. We can also provide one-on-one education and support on dealing with your care after surgery.

Phase Two

After you return home as an outpatient, you’ll participate in a structured exercise program three times a week and receive extensive education to help you get you back on your feet and into a healthy lifestyle. This phase of the program is located at the Brunner Sanden Deitrick Wellness Campus in Mentor, where rehab patients will get to work out and use state-of-the-art equipment in the same setting shared by LiveHealthy members, sports medicine athletes and our physical therapy patients.  

Who qualifies for outpatient cardiac rehab? 

You qualify for outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation if you were hospitalized recently with a heart attack, angioplasty and/or stent, heart catheterization with angina or open-heart surgery, including bypass or valve replacement.

An exercise physiologist will perform a baseline evaluation on you by an exercise physiologist to help determine your present fitness level. Then you’ll be given an personalized exercise program that is monitored by specially trained registered nurses and exercise physiologists. Each session includes a warm-up, cardiovascular workout, resistance training, cool-down and a relaxation period. When you complete this monitored exercise program, you’ll receive an exercise program that you can follow at home.

Phase 2 also includes:

  • Personalized nutrition evaluation and counseling from a registered dietitian to help identify heart healthy food choices and assist with weight loss, if needed.
  • Personal risk factor identification, including smoking cessation and stress reduction techniques.
  • A comprehensive education program designed to encourage lifestyle changes and help you develop healthy habits. Topics covered include nutrition, exercise, stress management, smoking cessation, heart disease and weight management
  • A positive support system for you and your loved ones, including social support with others who have had a cardiac event. We provide ongoing support and counseling addressing your personal concerns, such as relationship changes, sexual activity, stress management and work activities.

Phase Two is covered by most insurance companies and requires a referral from your doctor.

Hearty Living: A Lifelong Wellness Program

Maintaining good health is crucial to prevent further heart disease or another heart event. Hearty Living is a lifelong wellness program for those who have completed Phase Two of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program or who have significant risk factors for coronary artery disease.

Hearty living includes an ongoing exercise program two or three times a week under the direction of health care professionals. Each session includes a warm-up, cardiovascular workout, resistance training and a cool-down period.

To enter Hearty Living, you must be referred by your doctor and, at his or her discretion, undergo a cardiac stress test.