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Heart Attack Care

During a heart attack, time is muscle.

The longer you wait for care, the more heart muscle you lose. Early treatment can mean the difference between life and death. The sooner your coronary artery is unblocked, the better your chance for survival and avoiding permanent heart damage.

Highly accredited heart attack care

Lake Health offers the gold standard of heart attack diagnostics and emergency procedures. The ER West Medical Center is designated as accredited Chest Pain Center by ACC Accreditation Services. Patients showing signs of heart attack are stabilized at either TriPoint ER or West Medical Center ER, then transferred to West Medical Center’s Heart & Vascular Center for catheterization or open-heart surgery.

Patients also receive a high level of life-saving care at the Emergency Department on our Madison Campus.

Lifesaving “door-to-balloon” time

We coordinate with local EMS to ensure that heart attack patients receive treatment before they even get to the ER. EMS transmits EKG results from the field directly to the Lake Health ER to activate the critical care team, a cardiologist and catheterization team before the ambulance even arrives.

This heightened response to a heart emergency has helped us exceed the American Heart Association’s gold standard of opening a blocked artery in 90 minutes or less, starting when the patient arrives in the ER. This time is known as door-to-balloon time. In some cases, Lake Health’s team has opened a blocked artery in as few as 35 minutes!