Heart &

Women’s Heart Health Quiz

1. My age:

Under 65 (0 points)
Over 65 (2 points)

2. I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure.

No. My blood pressure is normal. (0 points)
Yes. I have high blood pressure. (2 points)

3. I have been diagnosed with diabetes.

No. (0 points)
Yes. (2 points)

4. My cholesterol level is:

Below 200 mg/dl. (0 points)
201-239 mg/dl. (1 point)
Above 240 mg/dl. (2 points)
I don’t know my cholesterol level. (2 points)

5. I have a family history of heart disease.

No. (0 points)
Yes. (3 points)

6. My body weight is:

About right or slightly less than normal. (0 points)
Over the norm by less than 20 lbs. (1 point)
Over the norm by more than 20 lbs. (2 points)

7. My normal exercise pattern is:

An hour a day, at least 4 times a week. (0 points)
3 or 4 hours a week but all at once. (1 point)
I only walk around the house/office. (2 points)

8. My eating habits are:

I eat nutritious foods and indulge in sweets/fats only occasionally. (0 points)
I don’t plan meals, which means I could eat more healthfully. (1 point)
I eat whatever I want, even if it’s high in saturated fats and calories. (2 points)

9. My tobacco use is:

I don’t smoke, or I quit more than 3 years ago. (0 points)
I smoke 1 pack a day. (4 points)
I smoke 2 or more packs a day. (5 points)

Add up your points to determine your risk of heart disease:

7 or fewer points:
Good job! You have a low risk of heart disease, but it’s still a good idea to visit your doctor regularly and get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. Keep exercising regularly and continue your good eating habits.

8–14 points:
You may be at moderate risk for heart disease. See your doctor regularly for exams and to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. With lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, eating low-fat foods and staying active, there’s room for improvement–and a healthier heart!

15–22 points:

Unfortunately, you might be at high risk for heart disease. See your doctor soon and discuss the answers you gave to this quiz. Take a positive approach starting today: add a physical activity you enjoy, eat flavorful low-fat and high-fiber foods, and if you smoke, quit right now.