Integrative Medicine

Joe Kessler, MD

Dr. Kessler integrates both Western and Eastern medical practices using the latest treatments of modern medicine and the ancient approaches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Patients can create a combination that fits best with their own needs and beliefs.

The Dragon’s Way

This unique 6-week weight-loss and stress management program is based on TCM principles that encourage health through proper flow of the body’s energy and harmony of the organ systems. It teaches participants about Qi, the life force. When your Qi (pronounced “chee”) is low, your body cannot process foods and emotions properly.

The cornerstones of the Dragon’s Way program involve ten simple yet powerful movements known as Wu Ming Qigong. In six weekly, one-hour sessions, you’ll learn these movements and practice them with the class. You’ll also learn an intelligent eating-for-healing program and healthy lifestyle changes.

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Learn the root cause of your diagnosis

Dr. Kessler is a board-certified family physician. He also completed acupuncture training at Harvard Medical School and the Academy of Pain Research. He helps patients understand the cause of their illness, giving them the opportunity to not only control their symptoms but to move toward true healing.

Joe Kessler, MD
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