Integrative Medicine

Pet Therapy

Studies have shown petting an animal can lift your spirits and help lower blood pressure. Lake Health offers visits by dogs specially trained in pet therapy. The visits are designed to offer a distraction for patients. All dogs have undergone strict obedience training, have earned the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Certificate, and are certified by Therapy Dogs International. Visits by a pet therapy dog are available on select days of the month. Contact your nurse for a pet therapy session.

Recover in a Peaceful Environment

Aesthetics and other environmental factors can have an enormous effect on recovery and wellness. Beginning with the oncology and orthopedic units, Lake Health is making environmental changes that will create a more soothing and healing environment for patients.

For instance, the oncology unit will include an indoor healing garden and meditation area with a water feature. Relaxing music will provide a soothing backdrop for conversations or meditating. Softer lighting and calming colors will combine with fabrics and wall prints in patient rooms to provide a comforting and restful environment. These changes will eventually be rolled out into all inpatient areas of Lake Health.