Integrative Medicine

Manage Stress

Everyday stress can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Chronic stress can cause high blood pressure, increase cholesterol levels and more.

Are high stress levels affecting your life?

The integrative medicine team at the Mentor Wellness Campus offers several options to help you manage stress.

Stress management program

Get practical tips and expert information about managing your stress at our 6-week stress management program called “Achieving Mental Wellness Every Day.” This program will help you:

  • Identify the negative effects stress has on your mind and body
  • Learn how to incorporate various stress reduction techniques
  • Practice mindfulness, meditation and yoga
  • Learn the basics of a low-stress diet
  • Practice ongoing self-compassion.

Renewal Retreats

We offer a day of relaxation with Reiki, meditation, yoga, and more at our popular Renewal Retreats. Registration is required through the Best of Health Line at 440-953-6000 or online at the Lake Health Classes/Events page.

Scheduling stress management appointments

To learn more about our stress management program or Renewal Retreats, please call 440-701-7537.