Orthopedic and Spine Center

Hip and Knee

Today, Americans are enjoying longer, more active lives than at any other time in history.

Even so, as you age, your body changes, and a lifetime of activity and occasional abuse takes a toll. Sometimes those changes result in problems related to joints, especially your hips and knees. Painful, stiff joints can prevent you from participating in the daily activities you enjoy, forcing you to alter your lifestyle.

At the Lake Health Orthopedic and Spine Center, our clinical expertise, along with state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging, helps us to diagnose your condition quickly and accurately. We then develop a plan of care that fits your needs.

We understand that taking care of a severely injured or diseased joint is more than applying state-of-the art surgical techniques. It is the skilled, hands-on evaluation and appropriate diagnostic testing that determines the best overall plan of care. And because we pride ourselves on providing patient- and family-centered care at Lake Health, we never forget that we are treating a person, not a diseased joint. 

When surgery becomes the right choice

We exhaust every appropriate treatment option before considering surgery. If and when a surgical procedure becomes the right choice, our orthopedic surgeons are fully trained to correct problems related to hip and knee pain.

Our continuum of care approach produces outstanding clinical and patient satisfaction results. This integrated approach enables our clinical team to properly evaluate your condition and prepare you mentally and physically for your procedure. One of the ways we do this is through an educational session designed to prepare you for your surgery. We firmly believe that knowing what to expect before, during, and after surgery can ease your stress, leading to a quicker recovery.

We continuously monitor and manage your entire pre- and post-surgical progress. This full-service approach, which integrates your primary care physician and orthopedic surgeon with a host of clinical support staff, is designed to return you to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

In fact, joint replacement patients who can handle aggressive inpatient physical therapy often return home—where they’re most comfortable—just 3 1/2 days after surgery. The sooner you return home, the sooner you can resume your daily activities.

For a referral to a Lake Health Orthopedic and Spine Center physician, call the Best of Health Line at 800-454-9800.