Orthopedic and Spine Center

Hand Therapy

Hand therapists treat patients with acute or chronic conditions that limit the mobility in the hand, arm, or shoulder. Often, they see patients after an injury or surgery.

The goal of hand therapy is to increase function and range of motion and to strengthen and desensitize the affected area. They do this through active and passive therapies, including nerve reconditioning and muscle stimulation.

Therapists with specialized training

Hand therapists also provide wound care, splinting, and protection for arthritic joints. Hand therapists can be either physical therapists or occupational therapists who have at least five years experience in treating hands and upper extremities and have passed a national exam.

Hand therapy clinics close to home

Lake Health has state-of-the-art hand therapy clinics at the TriPoint Medical Center (440-354-1626) and West Medical Center (440-953-6036). Our clinics are the only ones in the area staffed by certified hand therapists.

For an appointment or more information, simply call either location (physician prescription required).