Senior Services

Senior Services

Seniors face many challenges that can lead to unsafe situations for them and sleepless nights for their adult children. We get it. Lake Health offers a variety of services to help seniors stay well. 

Help for seniors struggling to cope

The Center for Geriatric Psychiatry offers hope to those 65 and older who are experiencing serious emotional difficulties. We extend a helping hand through an admission assessment and individualized treatment plan. Inpatient services focus on relieving symptoms and helping patients develop adaptive skills to increase their independence and mobility. Services are provided by a licensed, professional staff of psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, social workers and therapists.

Helping older drivers stay safe behind the wheel

Driving is one of the most basic activities of daily living. Although driving is considered routine, it is highly complex and potentially dangerous. As a result of aging or disease, some seniors, over time, lose their ability to safely drive a car. Lake Health's interactive virtual reality driving simulator allows Lake Health occupational and physical therapists to test at-risk drivers in a safe, controlled environment. The goal is to keep seniors driving safely for longer.