Senior Services

Lake Health Driving Simulator

Helping older drivers stay safe behind the wheel

Driving is one of the most basic activities of daily living. Although driving is considered routine, it is highly complex and potentially dangerous. As a result of aging or disease, some seniors, over time, lose their ability to safely drive a car. 

Lake Health's interactive virtual reality driving simulator allows Lake Health occupational and physical therapists to test at-risk drivers in a safe, controlled environment. The goal is to keep seniors driving safely for longer. This, in turn, boosts independence and keeps them socially connected. The system consists of a simulated car with a steering wheel, gas and brake pedals and a large computer screen. The computer screen shows a simulated dashboard with roads, buildings, traffic signs and road hazards - the simulator can take users through 90 different driving situations in diverse roadway conditions. 

The driving simulator provides information on safety awareness and physical issues that could impact an individual's ability to drive. The system then creates customized training programs focused on areas where improvement is needed, allowing seniors to sharpen their driving skills. The simulator can also be used for patients with traumatic brain injuries, orthopedic injuries, stroke and Parkinson's disease. 

Insurance may cover the fee for a driver assesment for people recieving physiical or occupational therapy. 

The driving simulator is available at the West Medical Center Rehabilitation Department, 36060 Euclid Avenue, Suite 105. To learn more or schedule a driver assessment, call 440-953-6036 and select option #2.