Surgical Services

Robot-assisted Surgery

Lake Health's da Vinci Surgical System at West Medical Center combines sophisticated robotics and high-definition 3-D images. The doctor adds the surgical skill.

What is Robot-assisted Surgery?

Robot-assisted surgery is a minimally invasive surgery where the surgeon performs the operation with various instruments inserted through a series of quarter-inch incisions. Although it is a robot, it does not move on its own. Your surgeon is in 100% control of your surgery.

The surgeon is able to control the instruments and a camera from a separate console with a monitor that displays images from inside the patient in high-definition, giving the surgeon a more detailed view of the operating site than the human eye can provide.

Patients experience a number of benefits with robot-assisted surgery compared with open surgery:

  • Less pain and trauma on the body
  • Less scarring
  • Faster recovery.

How Does the Robot Work?

The da Vinci system has four main components: a surgeon console, a computerized control system, four instrument "arms" and a fiber-optic camera. The surgeon inserts the camera and "arms" into the body through small incisions. Some procedures need only one incision.

Seated at the console the doctor can see inside the body in 3-D, magnified up to ten times its actual size. Special imaging color helps distinguish different body parts. The surgeon's hand, wrist and finger movements control the robotic "arms" inside the body.

Lake Health's da Vinci Surgical System

The da Vinci system is much more precise than the human hand, and reduces the risk of unintended movements from hand tremors. Since the surgeon is seated at the console for the duration of the surgery, he/she experiences much less fatigue than in a traditional open or laparoscopic surgery.

Lake Health thanks the Lake Health Volunteer Auxiliary for generously donating $250,000 toward the purchase of the da Vinci surgical system.

For a referral to doctor who performs robot-assisted surgery, call the Best of Health Line at 800-454-9800.