Attend a Weight-loss Surgery Seminar

Attend a Seminar

The first step to learn more about weight-loss surgery is to attend one of our free online seminars (webinars). Feel free to invite a family member or a friend to watch along with you. Dr. Aviv Ben-Meir will explain your surgical weight-loss options and discuss the weight-loss process.

Attend a  Webinar

Why should I attend an online seminar?

Having weight-loss surgery is a difficult decision that should be considered carefully. We know you are making a thoughtful choice, and we want you to be fully informed about your options before making your decision.

Our webinars are a great opportunity to have your questions answered. 

We’re with you every step.

After you attend a webinar, we’ll check your insurance coverage for weight-loss surgery and contact you to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Ben-Meir.

During the consultation, Dr. Ben-Meir will answer all your questions and explain the steps you might need to take before surgery. At this time, you’ll also meet with your patient coordinator who will review your insurance requirements and guide you through the pre-operative process. We’ll then contact you to schedule your surgery and your pre-admission testing.

Why do you need my insurance information?

Most commercial insurance providers cover weight-loss surgery for appropriate candidates, but individual plans vary. Most providers have pre-operative requirements that need to be documented within your medical record before approving your surgery.

After attending a webinar, we’ll contact your insurance provider and help you through the process by explaining any pre-operative requirements your plan has.

Get started.