Women’s Services

Childbirth and Care

Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, Lake Health can help you prepare for childbirth, provide expert childbirth services and teach you how to care for your new baby.

If you live in or around Lake County, you don’t have to travel far for expert care. Lake Health offers luxurious Family Birthing Centers at TriPoint and West Medical Centers. Choosing where to have your baby is a key decision. The closer to home, the better for you when your labor begins — and afterward, for your family and visitors.

What’s more, we help you prepare for your little one with childbirth classes, breastfeeding consultants, and progressive physicians who respond to your needs. At Lake Health, we deliver more than 1,900 babies each year, so we have a lot of knowledge to share through childbirth and parent education classes. From safe sleep education to sibling classes that help brothers and sisters prepare for their new family member, you can trust the experts at Lake Health to provide updated and comprehensive information.