Women’s Services

Having Baby Close to Home

Having a baby is one of life's miracles. It is an intensely personal experience, and a special time for you and those who love you.

Choosing where to have your baby is a key decision. The closer to home, the better for you when your labor begins - and afterward, for your family and visitors. The more pleasant the surroundings, the more comfortable you'll feel. The more advanced the technology and training, the more trust you'll have in the hospital and your care team.

You'll feel almost like you're delivering at home when you choose one of Lake Health's Family Birthing Units at TriPoint Medical Center or West Medical Center.

You'll find peace and comfort in beautifully decorated, family-centered rooms. At the same time, you'll be secure in knowing that advanced medical technology is there if you need it.

Our Birthing Suites include:

  • Highly skilled, personalized care and technologically advanced services for new mothers and infants
  • A special suite for mothers-to-be who need extra care before giving birth
  • A surgical suite for cesarean births
  • A specially trained “code pink” team, always ready to provide supportive care and, if needed, breathing help for your baby at birth.

Getting Ready for Baby's Arrival

Being prepared for giving birth and parenting can help you relieve stress and feel more confident.

Plan to enroll in Lake Health's special childbirth preparation classes with your spouse or other support person. Tour our Family Birthing Units and get valuable information on topics such as breastfeeding, sibling preparation and caring for your newborn.

Classes are convenient throughout the county. To learn more about our childbirth and parent education classes, call the Best of Health Line and ask for the Childbirth and Parent Education brochure.

Decisions, Decisions

What are your options for labor support? What about pain management? How do you choose a physician to care for your baby after the birth? Lake Health can guide you in making decisions that are right for you:

Labor support. You might choose your spouse, a friend or relative, or both to act as your coach. If you seek added support, Lake Health can help you contact a doula, an individual who is trained and experienced in providing continuous physical, emotional and informational support before, during and after delivery.

Pain management. A Lake Health nurse and an anesthesiologist will talk with you about options, including pain medication or epidural anesthesia, which offers a higher level of pain relief. You also may opt for natural childbirth.

Infant feeding. Breastfeeding provides unique benefits to both mother and baby and helps to create a special bond between them. To help new and expectant mothers with breastfeeding, Lake Health offers a variety of lactation services. To speak to a lactation consultant, call 440-602-6625. Or call the Best of Health Line and ask for the brochure, Breastfeeding Your Baby.

Baby's first photo. Usually, the morning after birth our photo studio representative will ask if you want your baby's picture taken. She'll explain the photo package, costs, and arrangements for obtaining prints. In addition, a hospital representative will let you know how your friends and family can view your baby on our Web Nursery if you're interested in that service.

Special care. If you find that you have special needs - financial, nutritional or otherwise - during your pregnancy, help is available. Please talk to your care team about these concerns and we will help connect you with the right services.

When You've Returned Home

Your Lake Health mother-baby care follows you with contacts and programs to give you and baby the support you need.

  • Follow-up phone call. Your nurse will call you at home in a few days, ready to answer any questions and to see how you and the baby are doing.
  • Classes and groups for new parents. Call the Best of Health Line and request the Childbirth and Parent Education brochure to learn about the variety of classes and groups to help you care for your new baby.

Come See for Yourself

If you'd like a personal tour of the Family Birthing Units, or if you'd like a referral to an obstetrician/gynecologist who delivers at Lake Health, call the Best of Health Line at 440-953-6000 or 1-800-454-9800.

For more information about birthing services or classes, call the Best of Health Line at 440-953-6000 or 1-800-454-9800.